Customer Contact

A client who needed help with probate brought her mother’s will.  There was a problem that the will was not self-proving.  This means that the witnesses did not sign under penalty of perjury.  I am experienced in matters of probate and was able to help the client resolve the issue.  She was very happy with the help she received.


The California Association of Legal Document Assistants will be holding its thirtieth anniversary conference this month in Fresno. This is an opportunity for paralegals and LDAs to earn MCLEs by furthering their education. CALDA promotes excellence and integrity.

Customer Contact

A customer needed a living trust done, and he had a deadline.  I met with him, and he said that he needed the complete Trust Package: Living Trust, Certificate of Trust, Declaration of Trust, Pour-Over Will, Advance Health Care Directive, Durable Power of Attorney, HIPAA Waiver, Schedule of Assets, Assignment of Personal Property, Personal Property Distribution, Summary of Estate Planning Provisions, Summary of Fiduciaries, Final Instructions, Letters to Financial institutions, his client information sheet, and also a Trust Transfer Deed.  I prepared the complete Trust Package for him in less than twenty-four hours.  He received it the day after our meeting.  He was happy that he received it before his deadline.


This is a good time to revisit your estate plan.  Have you taken steps to control your estate taxes after your passing? Your family will be saved a lot of heartache.  Have you taken steps to avoid the cost of probate?  Probate can be very expensive.  Take a look at what your estate could be saved if you set up a living trust.  Call us with your questions, 925 577-4736.

Common Mistake–Not Updating Your Estate Plan

A common mistake many people make is not updating their estate plan.  This could be very costly for your family.

Families change over time.  Divorces, marriages, births or deaths may mean that you want to change your estate plan.  Beneficiaries may need to be changed.  To prevent problems that could lead to expensive court costs, update your plan.

Your plan should have a current durable power of attorney.  Without one, an expensive conservatorship over your assets may be necessary.

Consult an attorney for legal advice.   Your documents may be changed by Atlas Document Preparation Services using our professional legal software.