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Divorce and Legal Separation

Divorce is recognized to be the second most stressful life event a person can go through. It is a time of emotional extremes. Though it might be difficult, if you and your spouse can agree on the terms, called uncontested divorce, the divorce process can be much cheaper. Your divorce may be a default case, in which the served party does not respond (send his or her answer to the court), it may be a default with a Marital Settlement Agreement, or it may be an uncontested divorce. Or it may be contested.

• Summary Dissolution – Uncontested divorce with no children, limited assets, debts, retirement, and no property.  Certain conditions must apply – $449
• Uncontested divorce with no children – $949
• Uncontested divorce with children – $1049
Note: Does not include court fees (you may qualify for a fee waiver from the court). Other fees may apply.

Why You Should Use Atlas Document Prep Services For Your Divorce

• Roughly ninety percent of divorces are done without an attorney.  Save on expensive attorney fees using a legal document assistant.  Our fees are very competitive.
• We prepare your petition papers at the first appointment, and file them the same day.
• We can finish your divorce if you have already started it.
• You benefit by being guided through the process.
• We have the knowledge and experience to help the divorce process to go smoothly.
• Gain peace of mind knowing your documents are completed correctly and will be accepted by the court.

The Divorce Process

A divorce begins by filing the appropriate forms with the court clerk. After these are filed, the appropriate documents are delivered to your spouse by a process server or other appropriate person.  We can arrange this for you.

If you are responding to a divorce, a response must be filed with the court within thirty days of being served. Fees to complete and file the response and disclosure forms ranges from $375 to $440.
*Does not include court fees. Other fees may apply.

The next step is disclosure. This involves giving forms to your spouse telling about your income and expenses and assets, debts and property.  Atlas Document Preparation Services provides you with a questionnaire listing the information needed, avoiding guess work, and keeping it organized.

After disclosure is the judgment packet. This is the group of documents that explains to the court the details of your divorce, such as child support and parenting plan, spousal support plan, and all property division, including retirement. It includes forms for the court to send to you about the final judgment.

A divorce may not be finalized any sooner than six months after the first spouse was served, and it may take much longer.

If you and your spouse are not sure or are not in agreement about the details of your divorce settlement, such as parenting plan or custody, or spousal support plan, Atlas Document Preparation Services offers Divorce Mediation in combination with form completion. This is a way to have a neutral third party help you look at options and come to a compromise.  This is a way to help you achieve a peaceful divorce.  It can help you look at options for situations involving your children in many situations such as after high school, funding college, or when you remarry.  It clarifies your communication without being lost in emotion.

Please call with any questions you might have.