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Modification of Child Support/Parenting Time

Parents are responsible for providing for the financial needs of their children.  When parents separate, this responsibility cannot be  enforced until the court issues an order.   This order could require the parents to share certain costs, such as reasonable health care expenses, traveling from one parent to another, or  a child’s educational needs or special needs.

A change in your situation could be cause to change the amount of child support.  This could be a change in either parent’s income or a change in the amount of time each parent spends with the child.  The child support amount could go up or down.

We calculate the Guideline Amount of changed child support for you by using a method approved by the California Judicial Council.  If you have a reason acceptable to the court, the amount could vary from the guideline.

A  parent is obligated to pay child support even if he or she becomes unemployed.  Until the order for child support is changed, the support is still due.  Interest on unpaid support accrues at 10%.

If you are the payee and have not received any ordered support, you can notify the court and request an order for arrearages.  We calculate these amounts for you, avoiding guess work and time.  This is a stress reducer for many parents.

Custody or Spousal Support Modification – $449 Calculation of Child or Spousal Support – Add $99

Note: Court fees are not included.