Introduction to Atlas Document Preparation Services

Who We Work With

We work with someone who needs help with legal forms. We work with people who want to know how to get divorced, or finish a divorce, or someone who needs a durable power of attorney, or a deed or other form completed. A revocable living trust can usually be done without an attorney. Atlas Document Preparation Services makes it easy for you. If we feel that you need to be referred to an attorney, we will let you know even if you do not ask.

The do-it-yourself movement, or pro se, is a growing trend. Over eighty-five per cent of divorces are done In Pro Per.

We work with people who want to make their own decisions. We complete forms according to the client’s specific directions. We make it easy. We offer affordable services, done according to the court’s standards.

How We Work

At your first appointment you receive a list of the services to be provided to you and a written cost of those services. You receive a written estimate of the time needed to complete your documents. We offer no surprises.

We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice. We offer you information that is attorney authored or attorney approved. This gives most people enough help to represent themselves.

Throughout the procedure we guide you step by step. You can relax. We provide invaluable assistance with routine legal tasks such as typing and filing the paperwork for you. This eliminates your worrying about details and saves you a lot of time. We accept all major credit cards.

We work by appointment only. This gives each client the unhurried attention he or she needs to start and complete the process effectively. Appointments are available Monday through Saturdays.


We are a proud member of theĀ Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce and theĀ Pleasanton Downtown Association.