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Small Claims Court

In small claims court a person generally may not sue for more than $10,000 dollars. There are some exceptions to this. Suits may be filed against a person or business. While an attorney can attend small claims court with someone, the attorney is not allowed to speak on his or her behalf.

The process begins by filing a Plaintiff’s Claim and Order to go to Small Claims Court. Depending on the case, there are several forms that might need to be attached. For suits of $2,500 or more a declaration form must be included.

A defendant is not required to file a response, but may file a counter claim. For the defendant to pursue a counter claim a Defendant’s Claim and Order must be filed.

If you wish to settle your dispute outside of court, we can mediate the issues.

Small Claims

  • Small Claims Document Preparation – $350
  • Declaration Form – $125

*Other fees may apply.