About Atlas Document Preparation Services



“I found the prices at Atlas Document Preparation Services to be reasonable and the service convenient. It made the paperwork easy; it was fastly done. I will recommend Atlas Document Preparation Services to a friend.”

Susan K

“Charlotte got back to me right away after I left a message. She was really polite and made me feel that she cared. I felt very confident after I talked to Charlotte when she returned my phone call. The preparation of the document went smoothly, no stress. Charlotte is very knowledgeable and helpful. It was easy making an appointment at a convenient time, and prices were competitive. We got great customer service and great work.”


“Your entire service was more than splendid and fast. I may have more document needs and some questions in the near future and will call you.”

Eliza G

“Atlas Document Preparation Services was thorough and was able to meet all of
my needs for an affordable fee. Charlotte’s responses were prompt and
informative. Even after we had submitted all of my paperwork to court,
Charlotte went above and beyond by continuing to keep me updated on the
status of my case. I would highly recommend Charlotte as I always felt like
I was in good hands throughout the entire process.”

-Nina J

My concern was if it would be done in a timely manner, and it was, she was great. Charlotte was on point and had it taken care of in front of you asap. The result was a very fair amount charged for the work done and it was done professionally. She is very nice and understanding and professional and makes you feel comfortable.

Mariano Casado

I found that there were many forms we could fill out on our own and it was so nice that I was able to ask for services for just part of the process. I liked how available, flexible and professional Charlotte was during the process. I would definitely recommend Atlas to a friend. Thank you for your patience and for making this process an affordable one.

Monica H